Kids 4-Week Online Course for $49 (SEE DETAILS BELOW)!

Normally $99 for 4 weeks; enter the coupon code and get 50% off! Just ENTER VIRTUAL50 at check out.
Early SKILLZ (Ages 3-4)
Monday 4:10PM
Tuesday 4:10PM
Wednesday 4:10PM
Thursday 4:10PM
Friday -3:40PM
Saturday -9:00AM
Sunday -
(Ages 5-6)
Monday 5:40PM
Tuesday 5:40PM
Wednesday 5:40PM
Thursday 5:40PM
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday -
(Ages 7-9)
Monday 4:45PM
Tuesday 4:45PM & 6PM
Wednesday 6:15PM
Thursday 4:45PM & 6PM
Friday -5:00PM
Saturday -
Sunday -
(Ages 10-13)
Monday 6:10PM
Tuesday 6:50PM
Wednesday 6:10PM
Thursday 6:50PM
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday -
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